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Affinity is an award-winning provider of technology and digital communication solutions, specialising in software development for today’s needs and tomorrow’s dreams. We work in web, CGI and app development - most often a combination of all three.

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Affinity Digital Head Office: +44(0)3302 211 188
Affinity Digital Client Services: +44(0)3302 211 200
Jonathan Duval (Sales Director): 01872 321177
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Professional Website & Software Design & Development. Satisfied Customers Around the World.

Welcome to careers at Affinity. This site is an overview of who we are and what we stand for, the values we embody as an organisation and demonstrates some of the opportunities available to you.

In fourteen years, Affinity has grown from a two-person start-up in a barn in Cornwall to a truly global supplier of deeply technical and innovative solutions. It’s won awards including a CBA award and BIMA award.

We are The Technology and Integrated Communications Agency. 

At our core, we have always been about new and innovative ideas encompassing approach, technology and functionality. We start every engagement with a strategy focused on the shared values between brand purpose and consumer passion, with the end goal of driving business results.

Innovation comes from people and passion. If you think you have what it takes to help transform our clients solutions, weather it be Lotus Cars or the Department of the Environment and Climate Change. Contact us now


Life work Mix

You can't ignore the life work mix when you work in Cornwall; in fact our staff forget the work life balance and mix it up instead...

Affinity appreciate that people are ditching the idea of balancing life and work in favour of simply blending it all together.

A Microsoft survey has found people spend time in the office shopping online, planning holidays or emailing friends.

But this is compensated for by taking work emails and phone calls at home.

Just under two-thirds of us (64%) carry out work-related functions at home, while 75% admit using the office computer for personal purposes when they should be working.

This work ethic is exactly what Affinity is looking for in our staff. We run a relaxed but professional office, even when it comes to our table tennis tournaments....

There is no Creative software and web development agency in Cornwall that can offer you the depth and breadth of work that we attract. It will stimulate you, challenge you and advance your skills.  It will also no doubt frustrate you. However you will be surrounded by a team of friendly and open minded colleagues who will help you when ever possible in the spirit of collective success which is also how Affinity will reward you. You will gain personally though individual success but the whole teams success is where your real rewards will come. We hope both personally and financially.

The opportunity to work with such a diverse group of people has been invaluable. Working at Affinity is like being with family; it rarely feels like ‘work’. We all strive for excellence in our personal capacity, as a company and when working with our clients. Affinity, started the rollercoaster ride 10 years ago. I told Jonathan Duval our CEO when I joined Affinity and I’ll say it again now: I hope to never get off that ride - James Macintyre Software Delivery Manager

Current Vacancies

Our doors are always open to someone special... As a growing company we always have room for exceptional talent. If you want to work in the most beautiful County in the UK and are looking for a great life work mix-up, then submit your CV regardless of the opportunities you see below.

Who We Are

We are a team, we are a business - driven by a passion for what we do, and how we do it. In an industry that is always in flux.

We will always be small but perfectly formed, All our staff are 'in the know' .

We are profitable - because we invest as much in the pre sale as we do in the contract. We take maximum advantage of Open Source and share the benefits with our clients.

We love where we are and our location is a reflection on how we choose to engage with our clients - Creative, Approachable, Warm, and Communicative

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About Affinity

Affinity is an award-winning provider of technology and digital communication solutions, specialising in software development for today’s needs and tomorrow’s dreams. We work in web, CGI and app development - most often a combination of all three.


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